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Emerging Trends in the Hotel Industry in 2021

Dean Lee McKinney

· Hotel Industry
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Based in Portland, Oregon, Dean Lee McKinney is the former owner and operator of a hotel and restaurant in Gold Beach, Oregon. In this role, Dean Lee McKinney oversaw the staffing of team personnel, financial operations, and management practices at the hotel.

Due to the worldwide pandemic of 2020, many hotels have been forced to change the way they conduct business. Some of the developing trends in the hotel industry that are expected to be seen in 2021 are explained here:

Task-Oriented Rather than Job Class-Oriented Staffing. Excellent leadership and a strong sense of team are now paramount in the ever evolving world of the hospitality industry.
Hotels are consolidating their corporate and operations teams to reduce their financial expenditures on staffing, and increasingly utilizing staff within a range of roles. Team members are being asked to complete several different responsibilities during each of their shifts depending on the needs of the operation. Responsibility in completing these very important tasks to better serve hotel guests and without compromising the safety. of hotel/restaraunt guests.
New Uses for Hotel Spaces:
To generate extra revenue, hoteliers are converting traditional hotel rooms into offices and co-shared working spaces and marketing these spaces to families with children who are working remotely. Some hotels are also offering rooms for rent by the month for guests in need of apartment-style units.
Modified Hotel Restaurant Services:
Continuing to trend towards contactless restaurant service, hotel eating establishments are expected to provide service in three key aspects; including outdoor eating areas, indoor eating areas that facilitate distancing between patrons and take-out.